Paul Hastings LLP Provides BBI with its Two Largest Prizes Yet

By Thomas Galassi

At BBI’s 2016 Pitch Day Finals two teams, iDu Optics and OneThree Biotech, were able to capture the first and second place prizes, respectively. In addition to receiving prizes from WuXi AppTec, The Big Red Venture Fund, The Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels and inDinero, these teams also received the two largest prizes in BBI’s four year history: a combined $25,000 in legal fees ($15,000 for first place and $10,000 for second place) from Paul Hastings LLP.

We would like to thank Paul Hastings LLP for their generous support

Paul Hastings LLP is an international law firm with 21 offices around the world and a corporate group that brings together more than 450 lawyers to advise companies with innovative technology and cutting edge ideas across numerous industries, particularly in the life sciences, software, and e-commerce. The services of this world class law firm are sure to be invaluable to the teams as Paul Hastings has received numerous prestigious honors including:

  • Winning the Financial Times’ Great Legal Ideas Award
  • Being named a top five firm for innovation in North America by the Financial Times
  • Being named in the 2017 BTI Consulting Group Client Sercie A-Team report as one of the top 30 law firms that deliver the best service to clients

These prizes, coupled with the other prizes received by iDu Optics and OneThree Biotech on Pitch Day, are already providing incredible value to the teams as they move forward. According to team members the legal services provided by Paul Hastings have been “a tremendous help” that “will be crucial for moving forward.” Without a doubt these services will place this year’s class winners in prime position to move their teams forward towards investable startup companies.


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