Past BBI Winners Inspire New Group of Inventors for the 2017 Competition

Contributed By Mariam Giorgadze and Thomas Galassi

Last year, the Bench to Bedside Initiative (BBI) hosted its first Commercializing Life Sciences Matchmaking Event. This event teamed up scientists and clinicians with business professionals and fueled the success of participating teams in BBI’s 12 week-long course and Pitch Day competition. Following the competition, BBI’s two winning teams, iDu Optics and OneThree Biotech, successfully transitioned to compete in the Weill Cornell Medicine Dean’s Entrepreneurship Lab $50K Biomedical Business Plan Challenge, the finals of which will be held on May 10th.

This year BBI hopes that its matchmaking event will lead to even more high quality teams entering the 2017 Pitch Day Competition. Kenny Nova, an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor who participated in BBI’s 2016 Pitch Day recommends the event saying:

“This is a great opportunity for intellectually intrigued individuals who want to build something from the ground and take charge. Cornell Entrepreneurship Lab provides tremendous opportunity to investigate new inventions and cutting edge technology that’s set out to effectively and efficiently solve today’s healthcare challenges. There is a huge opportunity and need to create community around the life science inventions. No one can do this alone. Inventors can’t become business experts over night and business experts can’t absorb all the knowledge and medical expertise required either. When you look at these inventions and problems there are solving, [the] immediate need is to prioritize well and help inventors focus on [the] right issues while building the commercial application. So there is a great opportunity for both parties to complement each other. Only this can ensure successful translation of inventions and applications into commercial products and ignition of new startups.”

Anybody who is interested in ensuring the successful translation of inventions should be sure to get involved with BBI and not miss this year’s Commercializing Life Sciences Matchmaking Event on May 18th. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with Tri-institutional (Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Rockefeller University) inventors and industry professionals to start finding teammates for the 2017 BBI course and Pitch Day Competition.



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