The Bench to Bedside Initiative Facebook page: a new place to network and find teammates

By Liz Calder and Thomas Galassi

The Bench to Bedside Initiative (BBI) is currently revamping its Facebook page to encourage interactive entrepreneurial discussion among inventors, scientists, and business professionals.  There is an impressive talent base within the Tri-I community with complementary ideas and skill-sets.  By providing a platform where people can easily connect and get to know each other better, BBI hopes to open up community-wide conversations on topics ranging from technologies to startup strategies.

The aim of the revamped Facebook page is for inventors, scientists, and business professionals to casually interact and see whether their skill-sets and personalities would be a good fit for a team. Getting to know each other better through causal interactions before assembling teams can help form stronger teams that work well together.

We also plan to start a discussion forum on the Bench to Bedside Initiative Facebook page that connects science and business backgrounds.  We want this to be a place where people can freely ask any kind of question or even post articles that may be of interest to the entrepreneurial community.  Whether you are wondering what the pros/cons of the different ways to incorporate are or are curious about patent timelines, please ask away.  The idea is that the diverse backgrounds of individuals using the page will allow questions to be answered by the BBI community.  This should serve as a discussion board where people can help each other out based on their own experiences or helpful resources they have found.  BBI hopes this can be a general resource as well as a forum for interesting discussion.

In addition to serving as a discussion forum, the page will also live stream certain BBI events, such as an informational session that will be held on July 18th. More information about these events and how to stream them will be available on the Bench to Bedside Initiative Facebook page in the near future; so keep checking out the page to stay up to date!

If you are an inventor interested in helping out with the discussion forum, please contact Liz Calder at


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